Reverse osmosis water purifier

What is a reverse osmosis water purifier?

What is a reverse osmosis water purifier?

Among the many water purification equipment, reverse osmosis water purifier is not very long listed, but the popularity of a water purification equipment is very high. Reverse osmosis water purifiers use the principle of reverse osmosis to make water cleaner and better tasting, while filtering out all the elements in the water, including trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

Reverse osmosis water purifier at work, the water exerts a certain pressure, so that the water molecules and ionic state of the mineral elements through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, while the vast majority of inorganic salts dissolved in water (including heavy metals), organic matter, as well as bacteria, viruses, etc. can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the shoulder through the pure water and can not pass through the concentrated water strictly separate; reverse osmosis membrane pore size of only 0.0001um, while the diameter of the virus is generally 0.0001um. The diameter of virus is 0.02-0.4um, and the diameter of common bacteria is 0.4-1um, so the water after purification is absolutely pure.

Reverse osmosis water purifier for water purification, no impurities, taste better, used for cooking or brewing coffee, etc., the taste is more pure. In summer, after purification directly into the container, put in the refrigerator to freeze up, to be cooled out to drink, feel better than drinking mineral water or other drinks. The water purified by reverse osmosis water purifier has a high oxygen content. One liter of pure water contains more than 5 mg of oxygen. Water with high oxygen content is easily absorbed by the body and promotes the metabolism of the body. Water purifier for the effective removal rate of calcium and magnesium ions in water to more than 98%, so the purified water of the water purifier will not pick up scale, no water alkali.

Reverse osmosis water purifier

Reverse osmosis water purifier cartridge use time is limited, fiber cartridge can generally be used for 6 months, activated carbon cartridge generally 12 months, their life depends entirely on the local water quality, water pressure and the size of water consumption; in the case of regular replacement of the cartridge, reverse osmosis membrane shelf life of 2 years, if the pretreatment is more adequate its actual life can reach 8 years, the removal rate of 99% or more.

Reverse osmosis water purifier as one of the water purification equipment, its filtration effect is still relatively ideal, but if it is home drinking water use, it is not recommended for long-term use, because the minerals and trace elements will be filtered out. In contrast, the choice to use direct drinking machines, etc., or more ideal.



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