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What are the classifications and principles of water purifiers?

The quality of water will not only affect our human health, but also affect our skin. Today’s tap water is basically hard water, which contains some impurities and limescale, so many people will install water purifiers.


1、RO reverse osmosis water purifier
This type of purification effect is outstanding, the filtration accuracy can reach zero point zero zero one micron, but also filter out some substances that are not conducive to human health.

2、Ultra-filtration water purifier
This type of filtration precision is zero point zero one micron, can filter out substances that are not conducive to human health.

It can filter out insect eggs, algae, sand and heavy metals in the water, usually used with the above two types of water purifiers, so as to extend the service life.

4、Water softener
This is suitable for hard water areas, with the effect of softening the water, but also can filter out most of the pollutants.

water purifier
water purifier

Water purifier principle
Water purifier principle is through a variety of cartridges, the water layer by layer purification, to remove impurities. And using the principle of progressive sieve filtering structure, from multi-stage cartridge first and last in series, cartridge precision from low to high in order to achieve multi-stage cartridge apportioned retention of dirt, thereby reducing the number of cartridge clogging and manual sewage, disassembly and cleaning, as well as extending the replacement cycle of the cartridge.


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