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What are free radicals? What is the role of free radicals?

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The human metabolism is a process of oxidation, and the human body, like metal, is “rusting” every day.

As we age, our bodies produce more free radicals, which slowly damage the cells in our bodies and cause them to age faster.

The formation of free radicals is a by-product of normal cellular activity and cannot be prevented because they are produced by normal and necessary oxygen-consuming activities in our bodies. For humans, both inside and outside the body, free radicals are still being created at an unprecedented rate. The incidence of free radical-related diseases is also increasing at an accelerating rate.

As scientists study free radicals more and more, ways of scavenging them to reduce their harmful effects on the body are being revealed. Research has shown that the process of free radicals from creation to decay is the process of electron transfer.

In living systems, the transfer of electrons is a fundamental movement, and oxygen has a high electron gaining capacity, so many chemical reactions in living organisms are associated with oxygen. And the free radicals that damage human health are almost always associated with those more reactive oxygen-containing substances, and they call the free radicals that combine with these substances reactive oxygen radicals. Therefore, to reduce the damage caused by free radicals, it is important to start with antioxidants.

One of the effective ways to combat oxidation is to supplement hydrogen so that it can combine with these reactive oxygen species to produce water, which can be excreted from the body. But while it is difficult to absorb large amounts of hydrogen into the body in everyday life, oxygen-enriched water can help the body to do so.

Hydrogen-rich water, as the name suggests, is water that is rich in hydrogen. Studies have shown that hydrogen is a high-quality antioxidant substance. Therefore, hydrogen-rich water can eliminate excess free radicals in the body’s cells. 1.5L of hydrogen-rich water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant data supplied by a variety of fruits and vegetables, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the human body.

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3 thoughts on “What are free radicals? What is the role of free radicals?”

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